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About RND4U
We are group of experts in marketing, product design and process development within food technology for more than 10 years of expertise.
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We offer wide range of services in PetFood. Note how your company could benefit from it.
Consulting & Business development
Consulting and supervision in area of novelty technology and manufacturing. Participation and expert opinion on planing, ordering and launching of new production. Audit of current manufacturing sites and prior art research.
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Complete cycle of product development in petfood. Development of dedicated recipies. Development of technical documentation.
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We are proving educational courses in petfood area from general to expert level, including project management, technology and quality management.
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Software solutions
Complete software package for product development in petfood, including price calculation, label information and nutrition complience to local and international standards.
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Professional research panel for palatability evaluation of dog and cat petfood
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