Why use RND outsourcing?

Outsourcing R&D (Research and Development) can be beneficial because it can save costs, provide access to specialized skills, lead to faster time-to-market, reduce risk, and allow companies to focus on their core business.
Olga Levtsova
Founder of RND4U
Services you want to be done by professionals
Development of technical requirements for a new plant or a line
An important step in the planning and construction of a new plant or line, as it helps ensure that the final product meets specific needs, performs optimally, and complies with relevant regulations and standards.
Plant Launch
Outsourcing in plant startup can provide companies with access to specialized expertise, cost savings, faster startup time, reduced risk, and flexibility.
Product Development
We also develop petfood products from traditional ones to very innovative with cutting edge technologies, according to every request and in compliance with every need.